Leaving on a jet plane!


It looks like they are getting our plane ready to jump across the ocean! We successfully made the first leg of our trip(LA to Dallas) and are waiting for leg 2(Dallas to London). After that we'll have one more flight from London to Stockholm! Once we arrive, Bosse is planning on picking us up from the airport and driving us home!

We're feeling the entire spectrum of emotions today. We're excited and happy to see our friends in Stockholm and to start a new adventure, but we're also sad to leave our Whittier family, and our actual family in the US.

It's been a crazy few days, and an even crazier few weeks, and the past few months have been EVEN CRAZIER, so thank you for sticking it out with us and showing your support in various ways. Your prayers have gotten us this far and we're confident God will give us the strength to complete what he has planned for us in Sweden!

See you on the "other side"!