Our first day in Stockholm!

We have been in Stockholm for over 24 hours now! It is cold, but not too cold (32F), and new, but somehow familiar. There is no snow right now (which everyone says is really odd for this time of year) but we are expecting some tomorrow. We slept a good 12 hours last night, from 11pm to 11am. We had a delicious lunch with Bosse (our wonderful housemate) and John van Dinther (the pastor at New Life) and then watched some Olympics while we had fika. We took a nice, chilly walk to the grocery store (about 20 minutes from the house) and bought a few small things for our kitchen. We will take pics of the kitchen to show you soon. It's adorable.

We almost completely unpacked our "suitcases" (aka - large, plastic tubs covered in duct tape) this afternoon, so things are starting to feel like home already. Bosse worked very hard on our living space (the bottom floor of his house). It is more than we could have ever imagined. We are so thankful for Bosse and his willingness to have us in his house! We are also thankful for Ikea, seeing as almost everything in our house is from that lovely place. 

As promised, we've included a bunch of pictures below. We'll be posting a lot more, I'm sure, so keep checking for updates. Thank you so much for your support and prayers! We've gotten tons of likes and comments on facebook, which seems silly, but it has reminded us how many people are following our journey and praying for us along the way. And it makes Whittier and Temecula and Birmingham, and all the other places our friends and family are living, seem not so far away. We love you! -G&L