Day 2

I promise we can't keep this every day posting thing going for long, but while we have the time, and we have beautiful photos to share with you, we'll try to keep posting often.

It snowed during the night last night! It's beautiful! And even though the clouds are gray, the snow makes everything seem brighter.

After a little shoveling, we headed out with Bosse in his car to get some things accomplished. We got sim cards for our phones, month passes for the buses and trains, found our bus route, and checked out the Swedish language school we'll be attending. Bosse was a huge help with all these little tasks. It's funny, and so far a little embarrassing, to not understand what people are saying. Even though most people speak English here, they obviously start the conversation in Swedish... until they see our blank stares, and then they switch to English. Everyone is so nice about it, but that 2 seconds of "Oh crap, they are looking right at me and saying something, but I have no idea what" is one of the more scary parts of this adventure. Bosse helped us through it all, and we now can successfully call, text, and surf the web in this country, and ride the bus and train/metro. I'd call that a successful morning.

After that, Bosse dropped us off at a metro station and we made our way to Gamla Stan (Old Town). We'd been there the last time we were in Stockholm, so it wasn't hard to locate (thankfully Grant remembers his way around better than I do). The buildings in Gamla Stan are from the 1400's! There's a lot of history and a lot of beauty in this city. In the summer time, Gamla Stan is crowded with tourists, but today it was pretty calm. There are tons of shops and cafes and restaurants, so we window-shopped and people-watched while we walked up and down the little streets and alleys. We ran into our friend Jacob while we were looking for a place to eat lunch. He visited us in Whittier a few months ago, so it was fun to see him. He bought us both a cup of coffee and then told us of a great little place that he had just had lunch at - De Svarta Fåren (The Black Sheep), so we headed there to try it out.

We spent a few hours this afternoon having fika with Jenny Wahlstrom and Pelle Lindvall. We originally met them in Whittier when they came with a team from New Life. The connections we formed with these teams really sparked our interest in Sweden, and they are a big reason why we felt like we'd fit in well at New Life.

Grant and I ended the day by our fireplace. I think it'll be a nightly tradition, as long as it's cold and dark outside. I think I can get used to this. -G&L